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Our aim is to promote the development and best use of human talent in a dynamic and challenging environment, free from all forms of discrimination. Our employees play a major role in the organization’s success. We seek to create an atmosphere within the organization that will allow all employees to have an opportunity to learn, grow and feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. At no time will we knowingly permit discrimination towards an employee because of age, sex, race, color, religion, origin or any other unlawful reason.

Why 50 Technologies

Growth Prospects

We are a learning organization where we seek to empower our team members by providing them opportunities to develop their skills. Keeping this in view, it is always our effort to facilitate and meet not only the basic needs of our members but also provide them opportunities to explore their potential and achieve the maximum that they have to offer. This is evident as majority of the management team has been promoted from within. There are comprehensive internal and external training and development programs to ensure that all members are provided the right skill set to fulfill their career aspirations.


Our guiding principle is to achieve our business goals and objectives to enable us to provide maximum benefit to our members. Our standard remuneration packages are generally higher than the industry average and are based entirely on performance. In addition, performance incentives like Profit sharing and other monetary rewards constitute an important component of our compensation policy. We also provide each member with comprehensive health and life insurance coverage for family and a membership to a Provident Fund scheme. Exclusive memberships of local sports facilities and clubs are also included to enhance the social development of the employees.

Our Culture

We believe that all our success down the years has been based on the abilities, talents and strengths of our employees, who we refer to as members. As such, our entire efforts have been aimed at creating a progressive work environment with a multicultural and multiethnic workforce. This focus has allowed us to build a culture which is dynamic and fast paced, yet, where members are encouraged to share and exhibit values like compassion and empathy towards each other. Implementation of participatory management allows all members of the organization to provide input not only at the team level, but also at the strategic and corporate level.

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